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Amy & Tim Byers~Spouses Who Sell Houses

Amy & Tim Byers~Spouses Who Sell Houses



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Spouses Who Sell Houses!                       

 Our Story

It just made sense.


In 2004, Amy started a career in real estate sales, worked hard and quickly joined the multi-million dollar producer club.   10 years later, as the business continued to grow she considered a partnership.  Not just anyone would do.  A good candidate would be someone she could fully trust who shared common goals.  The perfect candidate would also bring diverse real estate experience. While Amy, along with her husband Tim proudly watched their third and final college graduate walk down The Hill, it seemed like the right time for new beginnings. It just made sense. After 31 years of marriage, Amy & Tim decided to unite in business as Spouses Who Sell Houses!   In June of 2014, Tim retired from his position as Senior Vice President of Country Club Bank to join forces with Amy.  During his retirement party, he was acknowledged as having a stellar career with the bank. Always quick to show his comedic side, Tim commented he only stayed around for the bank's distinguished 25-year anniversary watch. Today, he proudly wears this watch in recognition of his association with such an exceptional banking family. Tim's a perfect fit for real estate sales due to the diversity of his background which includes; mortgage lending, licensed residential appraisals, commercial leasing and investment properties. After a decade as a Realtor, Amy is well-versed in all aspects of residential real estate, with emphasis on marketing and negotiating. Their people skills and knowledge of what makes the real estate market work are advantages to doing business with Amy & Tim.  Most importantly, they have a shared commitment to conducting business with utmost integrity, always focused on the individual needs of each client.      It still makes sense.